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Marking techiques

Coreplast Laitila Oy is your partner when it comes to plastic products marking technology.
We take care of our customers’ plastic product marking needs in a professional and high-quality manner, using procedures complying with the customers’ requirements.

Tampo printing (pad printing, tampography)

In case of tampo printing, the ink is transferred from a special ink plate to the product surface using a pressure pad. Tampo printing produces high-quality multi-colour images, incl. on curved surfaces.

Silk screen printing

In case of silk screen printing, the ink is transferred onto the product surface through a silk screen (in general, the product surface should be level).
Because of its quickness, silk screen printing is the principal printing method used on reflectors.

Laser marking

In case of laser marking, patterns and markings are ‘burned’ onto the plastic surface by laser beam.
Laser marking is suitable for complex patterns and texts, as well as for continuous numbering or bar code application, for example. We utilise laser marking in a variety of our customers products.

Coreplast Laitila Oy is also your partner when it comes to IML, foil stamping, and digital printing technologies.