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Joining methods

Coreplast Laitila Oy is your partner when it comes to joining methods.

Ultrasonic welding

In case of ultrasonic welding, the pieces to be joined are melted together using high-frequency, low-amplitude ‘sonic vibration’. Ultrasonic welding can be used for joining different plastics grades and also be used cutting the plastics and other materials.

Hot riveting

Hot riveting is a joining method in which case a moulded plastic part is locally melted for joining purposes by application of heat. For example, a circuit board can be attached to fastening pins by melting and shaping of the pin heads, thereby preventing detachment of the circuit board.

Joining by hot riveting is part of our production process.

If a hot riveting method is to be used for product fastening purposes, this must be considered already in the early stages of product design.

Hot plating

Hot plating is part of our production process.