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Injection moulding production

Coreplast Laitila Oy is your partner when it comes to injection moulding production.

Injection moulded plastic production

50 injection moulding machines.
The clamping force of our injection moulding machines range from 23 ton to 1,500 ton. In terms of shot weight, from 0.01 g to 9.5 kg.

Multiple component injection moulding

Multiple component injection moulding’ refers to aggregation of several plastic grades differing by structure or colour directly in the course of the injection moulding process.

We are capable of manufacturing two and three-component injection moulded products.

Gas assisted injection moulding

Gas assisted injection moulding allows production of larger plastic parts with complex designs and superb surface finishes. During the moulding process, pressurized nitrogen gas is injected to thicker areas of the part to press the plastic against the mould surface, leaving the plastic product hollow. In this way, thicker areas of the product can be turned into a shell-like thin-walled structure.

We manufacture gas assist injection moulded products for our customers.

Raw materials

Raw materials are of great importance from the viewpoint of product design and tool manufacture alike. Our extensive expertise in raw materials ensures optimal choice of raw materials for each need.

Mould manufacture and maintenance

Mould acquisition, manufacture, and maintenance constitute processes requiring special accuracy and care, for which qualified personnel are required.

The mould acquisition process is always effected in co-operation with our customers, using only mould suppliers approved by us. We also offer mould maintenance services to our customers.

In addition to the aforementioned, our tool department manufactures and supplies other auxiliary tools for our customers.